Transportation solutions designed for everywhere outside of major metros

Empowering tools and services to easily manage, understand, and optimize transportation programs for companies and municipalities.

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Mobility options impact workforces and communities


of frontline workers don't have access to a car for a work commute


of the U.S. workforce has quit a job because of a bad commute


can be saved annually by SHARE Mobility riders


job fulfillment rates with expanded commuter benefits

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Empower workforces and connect communities

Our software and services allow you to manage transportation programs with route planners, analytics and insights, access to a national fleet network, and access to program advisors to create the right plan for organizations and communities.

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move workforces & communities

Create attractive workplaces & communities with specialized transportation programs

Retain and attract with employee transportation

For employers, dedicated commute programs empower team members with reliable transportation, serve as a powerful retention benefit, and a recruiting tool expanding reach to new potential employees. Mobility managers can develop community economic opportunity programs designed to connect communities to employment opportunities, last mile connection services, or facilitate a shared plan with several organizations.

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Transportation benefits

Easily choose the exact features and services you need

Access just the right tools for your program. From HR managers offering employee transportation programs to mobility managers who need routing software solutions - you can access some, most, or all the tools you need to get started.

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SHARE Mobility tools

Create opportunities and reduce CO2 at the same time

Connect with our network of non-profit community support partners that connect job-seekers facing transportation-related barriers as one part of their greater work. Our community impact partners support establishing new Americans with refugee status, justice-involved workers, and other community support programs.

Every single-occupancy-vehicle eliminated as part of your program reduces CO2 emissions. Through SHARE Mobility, you have an opportunity for an even bigger impact.

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Impact with SHARE Mobility

From 'just an idea' to the first passenger

Our platform empowers you to build, analyze, and manage your transportation program, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation from start to finish. And, you'll have our team of expert account managers there to get you started.

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Save time managing your transportation program

Clock with van
Your ride is on its way

Individualized booking

Riders can book rides online saving your the hassle of booking and ticketing.

Van passengers

Automated Routing

No need to manually dispatch drivers and guess the best route, the platform will plan and execute route mapping, riders, and ticketing.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our expert Account Managers are here to help plan, build, and execute your program with the SHARE Mobility platform.

Transportation benefits that make an impact

Save by riding


Riders save up to $5k a year in transportation costs related to commuting.

Improve commuting satisfaction


Well planned and timely commute options offer workforces mobility that can reduce the burden of work related commute costs and improve satisfaction by removing transportation barriers. Great commute options also create time to unwind on the way to and from work otherwise stressfully driving.

Safe rides


Whether you utilize your own fleet or our national network, commute safely with a network of W-2 professionally trained drivers.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint


Cut out miles traveled by sharing a ride. Reduce your environmental and CO2 impact with convenient and efficient commute options at the same time - and it's tracked for you in the platform.

SHARE Mobility community impact

We empower businesses and communities

“We almost closed the plant because we could not find employees. We hired 90 people in 6 weeks after adding SHARE Mobility for our employees. If we didn’t have transportation, most of our new hires would not be able to get to work. We started asking if people needed transportation when hiring and we quickly hired enough people to stay open."
fortune 500 food producer
Having SHARE provide transportation services for our organization has greatly improved the reliability of our employees getting to their destinations on time and eases their minds knowing that their transportation needs are being met.
Lori Speck - Human Resources Manager
Wrap Tite Inc.
SHARE Mobility has consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism, reliability, and efficiency in delivering transportation solutions tailored to our specific business needs. Based on our experience, I have no hesitation in recommending SHARE Mobility for any transportation needs your business may have.
Wendy Rowland - HR Administrator
Nissen Chemitec America
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