Smart transportation management for companies, schools, and municipalities

SHARE Mobility provides organizations the tools they need to plan, manage, and optimize their transportation programs.

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of frontline workers don't have access to a car for a work commute


of the U.S. workforce has quit a job because of a bad commute


in commuting costs can be saved annually by SHARE Mobility riders


job fulfillment rates with expanded commuter benefits

Share Mobility van and mobileShare Mobility product

Mobility options impact workforces and communities


of frontline workers don't have access to a car for a work commute


of the U.S. workforce has quit a job because of a bad commute


can be saved annually by SHARE Mobility riders


job fulfillment rates with expanded commuter benefits

We empower organizations to overcome transportation roadblocks

How SHARE Mobility can help

Transportation programs tailored to save you time, money, and increase productivity

Recruit and retain with employee transportation

Over 60% of workers would consider turning down a job because of commute costs. We provide you with the technology and services to help improve retention and make you more attractive to a wider talent pool.

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Punctuality that powers productivity

With over a 97% on time arrival rate, a SHARE Mobility transportation program can help you to reduce tardiness and absenteeism, keeping facility running at its best.

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Save time with SHARE Mobility

Increasing program ridership

By providing transportation enhanced with technology, SHARE Mobility is designed to streamline operations and excite users, contributing to higher usage rates for new and existing transportation programs.

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Laptop and statistics

Cut costs, gain tax benefits

SHARE Mobility can help you improve operational efficiency and cut hiring costs while also opening the door for potential tax savings, making it an attractive choice for your bottom line.

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Efficiency data

Embrace sustainable commutes

By reducing reliance on single-occupancy vehicles, your organization can significantly lower its carbon footprint, by promoting greener commuting options.

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SHARE Mobility's Transportation Management Platform

4 simple steps to start your transportation program

Create efficient transportation programs based on your needs

With the help of our technology, SHARE will analyze the transportation needs of your organization to help determine the best program type, routes, and vehicles needed for your program.

SHARE Insights Hub

Personalized launch assistance

Dedicated account managers are with you from the start to make sure your program gets off the ground smoothly. From operator procurement to helping you promote your program to your new riders, we're here to help.

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A flexible transportation program built around your riders

SHARE features multiple booking options, real-time vehicle tracking, and a vetted fleet network, ensuring a safe and reliable trip for your riders


Reporting and analytics give insight into potential savings

Our customer success team will review the performance of your program and work with you to optimize ridership, travel time, and vehicle size.

“We almost closed the plant because we could not find employees. We hired 90 people in 6 weeks after adding SHARE Mobility for our employees. If we didn’t have transportation, most of our new hires would not be able to get to work. We started asking if people needed transportation when hiring and we quickly hired enough people to stay open."
fortune 500 food producer
Having SHARE provide transportation services for our organization has greatly improved the reliability of our employees getting to their destinations on time and eases their minds knowing that their transportation needs are being met.
Lori Speck - Human Resources Manager
Wrap Tite Inc.
SHARE Mobility has consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism, reliability, and efficiency in delivering transportation solutions tailored to our specific business needs. Based on our experience, I have no hesitation in recommending SHARE Mobility for any transportation needs your business may have.
Wendy Rowland - HR Administrator
Nissen Chemitec America
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to plan routes and schedules?


A dedicated account manager will work with you to scope, plan, and launch your program. Whether you use the route and program management software, or also need services with drivers and options for vehicle sizes, we're here to help. For route planning, we offer mobility analytics tools to optimize for expected riders. For employers and municipalities, we can create custom and optimized routes.

Where does SHARE Mobility offer both services and software?


The SHARE routing and program software can be used anywhere. Our services network covers the continental United States, giving you access to vehicle options coast to coast on the lower 48.

How much will I have to manage?


You'll have a dedicated account manager that will set up, optimize, and monitor your account for ongoing success. They're also there to help with any questions you have on the platform, where you can access activity and trend reports, adjust routes or scheduling, and manage eligible riders.

Do I have to find my own vehicles and drivers?


For customers that need services in addition to the platform, we work directly with operators to get you a professionally trained W-2 Driver. No need to worry about finding an operator, managing additonal contracts, or additional insurance.

Will my company’s information be safe with SHARE Mobility?


Absolutely! SHARE Mobility prioritizes the security of your data and is SOC 2 compliant. We implement strict measures to keep your information safe and protected. You can trust us to maintain the highest level of data security and provide a secure transportation solution for your business. Your valuable data is in safe hands with SHARE Mobility.

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