40 mi

Extended employee commuting hiring distance by 40 miles with provided transportation


jobs filled in just 4 months of offering rides to work programs.


Productivity gain from filling open positions with mobility benefits.

Boost employee retention at food production facilities

Enhance company culture, reduce commuting challenges, and foster employee loyalty with transportation benefits through SHARE Mobility. Offering reliable transportation solutions tailored to the needs of employees who work in food production can remove the burden of commuting that creates employee dissatisfaction and strengthen your relationship and employer branding.

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Solutions for seasonality

We know food production facilities face seasonal hiring and retention challenges that can prevent operating at full capacity. With our platform, you can easily build the exact employee transportation program you need to get teams to and from work, with seasonal staffing changes in mind. Create options for getting to work to attract and retain team members with custom work routes, scheduled around your facility's operations.

Anywhere, nationwide

With our nationwide fleet network, you can launch and run a program even in areas where public transportation falls short or may not exist. Whether you're located in remote or underserved areas, our reliable and customizable transportation software and services let you and your employees have convenient and reliable rides to work. Say goodbye to transportation employment barriers and bring on the full team you're looking to lead.

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Transforming Community Mobility

In Chillicothe, Ohio, SHARE Mobility expanded transit services, including a trolley, increasing ridership from 1% to 4%.

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Mobilizing a top manufacturing company

SHARE Mobility Increased Employee Retention by 62% for this manufacturer based in Louisville, KY.

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