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The way you move determines the way you live. SHARE Mobility was founded to create a future where transportation is more sustainable and equitable. As the world evolves from motors to mobility, we are committed to making transportation that works for everyone - especially those who lack reliable transportation. We are not here to take your car. We exist to bring transportation to those that need it.

We develop technology and manage world-class mobility services to deliver the most efficient and sustainable mode of transportation. You can call it MaaS, microtransit, or mobility - just don’t call it ride-sharing.

It’s time to eliminate transportation as a barrier to employment and we are here to help your company with everything you need to provide commuter benefits. 

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Our Team

Ryan McManus
Adeel Syed
Chief Technology Officer
Aaron Shocket
Bill Hines
Senior Vice President
Vivian Nayiga
Director of Events & Partnerships

How we got started

Our company was founded in 2016 with a small investment from Jaguar Land Rover and with the foundation that everyone can be a passenger. After 6 months of research & development in Portland, OR, we returned to Columbus, OH to build SHARE. 

We developed technology for a world with commuter benefits and guaranteed transportation. The 1.0 version of SHARE was launched in 2017 with some basic software and two vans that were frequently driven by our founders. 

Our exploration in the automotive and transportation industry opened our eyes to the vastness of transportation problems in need of solving. Transportation solutions need adjustable, flexible routes that can adapt to changes in demand. Transportation solutions need scheduling and pickup locations that make sense for the people using them.

Transportation solutions need dependable, respected, experienced drivers using fleet systems, not their own cars. Transportation solutions need reliability and accessibility for the people who put their trust in them so that getting a ride is imminent, not dependent on the location or availability of independently contracted drivers. 

Transportation solutions need betterment for all involved: passengers, departments, metro areas, public transportation… SHARE Mobility is the transportation solution.