who we are

Making mobility anywhere possible

We believe that access to mobility shapes the quality of our lives, and that it should be accessible by everyone no matter where they live, work, or play. That's why we set out to create tools and services that allow business and communities to create access to transportation, anywhere.

We are committed to empowering our customers with the right tools, service networks, community impact opportunities and more to grow and adapt with the evolving transportation demands from communities and workers. At SHARE Mobility, we are driven by a passionate team of developers, engineers, and mobility managers who share a common mission of making transportation accessible to communities and workers in a way that benefits everyone.

The tools to create mobility, anywhere

We provide software and services to companies and municipalities that are held back by transportation roadblocks. Our software is built to empower you with tools you need to plan, create, and manage transportation programs. We specialize in supporting employee transportation programs, municipality transit services, and mobility managers that support dedicated community routes or facilitate multi-organization commute programs.

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how we got here

A brief history

In 2016, SHARE Mobility embarked on a mission to transform the transportation landscape, driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to reliable and convenient mobility solutions. With an initial investment from Jaguar Land Rover, our journey began, fueled by the passion to revolutionize the way people travel. After Six months of research in development in Portland Oregon SHARE Mobility Moved to Columbus Ohio to build the foundation of future transportation. We have been empowering employers and municipalities for workforce transportation and suburban and rural town mobility management programs.

In August of 2020, we expanded our mission to solve workforce and rural mobility challenges. By June of 2022 SHARE raised a $12M series A and expanded our national mobility partner program across the continental United States.

where we're going

Bridging mobility gaps

Our goal is to shape the future of commuting and create a world where seamless mobility is a possibility in and outside of major cities. By equipping companies and communities with transportation planning and management tools, we believe we can help create connected communities and drive economic opportunity in towns and suburbs across the country.

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