SHARE Mobility Closes $12M Series A Funding Round

SHARE Mobility is incredibly excited to announce the closing of a $12M Series A Funding Round! We’d like to take a moment to thank you, our riders, and the investors who saw a future where transportation stops blocking opportunity from those who need it most.

Iron Gate Capital, Renewal Funds, Employment Technology Fund, JobsOhio, Seamless Capital, TrendForward Capital, Venn Ventures, Jumpstart, LOUD Capital, JMAC, and SustainVC

SHARE Mobility is a software company based in Columbus, Ohio. We provide tailored SaaS and MaaS solutions for: companies looking to get their employees to work, government and transit agencies looking to improve efficiency of service, and non-profit agencies looking to connect their clients to opportunity. What do all these companies, non-profits, and organizations have in common?

The Spatial Mismatch. People simply don’t live where they need to be on a day-to-day basis. As prices continue to rise at the pump, the dealership, and other basic needs, the Spatial Mismatch continues to grow. Even when Public Transit is available, the nearest bus stop could be miles away. The Public Transit System has to serve as many people as possible, not the individual. At SHARE we work with Public Transit Agencies to expand their reach. Ensuring service doesn’t stop at the county line, or outside your neighborhood. The most crucial routine, your commute, is becoming the new barrier to economic equality. Our mission is to stop it before it’s too late.

Redefining the Commute

What excites us about moving people? During the pandemic we all learned the value of something it’s easy to forget, the freedom of mobility. We see just how many people still feel the pressure of staying in place, and not because they’re being asked to. We see how gas prices, car prices, and everything else is being felt at the ground floor, so we know what needs to be done. At SHARE Mobility we’re incredibly proud of our mission to connect companies to the individuals who are looking for greater opportunity.

Our Platform allows us to highlight exactly what opportunity is waiting around your facility, or location. We know that because of Spatial Mismatch, there’s always someone eager to be pointed in the right direction, they just can’t see where you’re located. We unlock these new areas with our Commuter Analysis, but when you turn the key to start your program. You’ll see exactly how we can solve recruitment, retention, and attendance issues. We want to transform the commute into an Employee Benefit to help those who feel the problem most, you can start turning your most expensive routine into the best part of your day.

Ride Along with Us!

If you’ve read this far, you see something most don’t. A massive problem no one wants to admit. How do you save up for a car, if you can’t rely on a consistent paycheck to start saving? How do you rely on a consistent paycheck if you have no consistent way of getting to work?

We’d love to tell you a common story from our riders. Every facility has an outstanding employee. We often find that the same employees being held in high regard, are the ones barely surviving and struggling to break even. These employees know the immense value consistency could bring to their life, because they know how badly they need it. We’re proud to say the most passionate employees from each facility see the break they’ve been fighting for their whole lives, when a SHARE vehicle first arrives. If you find value in fighting the problem, join us and help us make tomorrow the future we could have today. We can’t wait until more miles means more money saved, not more money lost.

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