Find new customers with Mobility-as-a-Service

September 8, 2020

The market for moving people is changing. Not just because of COVID-19; the transportation industry was already evolving towards mobility. This is creating new categories of customers that are searching for mobility options. In most cities in America, there are insufficient transportation options and there are not enough vehicles, resulting in unmet demand and missed revenue for transportation operators. These are 5 types of customers that transportation companies can reach with mobility-as-a-service software:

  • Commuter Mobility Services
  • Scheduled Microtransit for Seniors
  • First-and-Last Mile Connector for Public Transit
  • University to City Shuttle
  • Transportation for Communities and Residential Real Estate

When we say 'Mobility', we mean all things related to moving people. Today, you buy a car, you get insurance, you go to a mechanic. In mobility, this is all in one. Think of it like a subscription or membership to access transportation. But instead of buying a car and using one mode, mobility is about connecting all of the modes and making it easy to choose alternative transportation. SHARE Mobility is about connecting mobility options and creating new, dynamic "mobility-as-a-service" options that fill a gap. This is a gap that you can fill as an operator for SHARE Mobility.