Golden Hour Tech Talk

At SHARE Mobility, we're all about forging connections and driving innovation in the world of transportation. That's why we're thrilled to be a part of Greyt Culture's Golden Hour Tech Talk series!

🎙️ Golden Hour, a sunset happy hour concert series, sets the stage for meaningful conversations with artists, entrepreneurs, and tech visionaries. It's a space where ideas flow as freely as the refreshments, and where inspiration is as abundant as the picturesque rooftop vistas.

In our latest Tech Talk, we're diving deep into the realm of Equitable Transit, a topic that resonates deeply with our mission to create accessible and fair transportation solutions. Moderated by the insightful Jing Lyon of BRITE Energy Innovators, this conversation brings together thought leaders from different corners of the transportation world:

  • India Birdsong Terry, the General Manager and CEO of GCRTA.
  • Michael Peters, Founder and CEO of Sway Mobility.
  • Ryan McManus, Founder and CEO of SHARE Mobility.

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