How Employers Can Retain More Talent with Commuter Benefits

July 22, 2022

Today more and more people are opting to leave their workforce and seek contractor employment while working from home. This unexpected trend after the Covid lockdown has created a unique challenge among employers who are looking to reduce workplace turnover.While increasing salaries can easily retain talent, it could be costly. However, there is a low-cost way to retain more employees in many markets - offering workforce transportation benefits.

A Low-Cost Solution to a Major Workplace Issue

Whether a business is located in a densely populated area or a rural location, transportation can be a challenge. First, some employees may not have reliable transportation which could prove a challenge to get to work. Some workers have specifically cited their daily commute as one of the reasons why they want to work from home.

Three Smart Reasons to Offer Workforce Transportation Benefits

There are several reasons why workforce transportation is a smart way to keep employees. Here are three specific ways workforce transportation can improve business operations.

Ensures Better Employee Attendance

Since the workforce is already on the payroll, they must show up. Vehicle or mass transportation issues can sometimes contribute to missed work days. With a reliable workforce transportation service, a business can be sure that its employees can show up.

Reduces Worker Burnout

Employees are starting to feel burnout more often. According to a recent Post-Covid survey, a whopping 52% of all employees are feeling a sense of burnout. One of the reasons for burnout tends to be dealing with the work commute. By allowing someone else to handle transportation duties, employees can reduce their burnout rate.

Boost Productivity

With a workforce transportation service, many employees appreciate getting started on their workday by taking phone calls, handling emails, or doing other tasks. While some riders may work in the vehicle, many just enjoy the break in their day.