Frequently Asked Question

 What is SHARE Mobility? 

SHARE Mobility is technology-enabled transportation service that employers use to provide transportation benefits to employees. Our platform has every tool you need to analyze your workforce and launch your commuter benefits program in a matter of weeks. SHARE Mobility uses connected vans driven by professional drivers that are monitored with cameras and telematics to measure safety. Rides are scheduled in advance with the web based booking platform and the software connects 3 to 24 people going to the same place at the same time. SHARE is offered to riders as a benefit by organizations and SHARE Mobility qualifies as a Federal Transit Pass Benefit. SHARE rides can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance and a month of rides can be scheduled in 2 minutes.   

SHARE Mobility works a lot like a school bus. We use data about where riders live and work to create virtual bus stops that are convenient. SHARE Mobility rides are scheduled in advance and if no one is scheduled to ride at a stop, our software changes the routes automatically to make the shortest and most efficient route. Riders schedule their rides in advance with the SHARE Mobility platform and they receive real-time notifications when their ride is on the way. 

Why would an employee want commuter benefits?

SHARE Mobility riders say they enjoy riding with us because it makes the commute less stressful, it costs less than driving, and some others don’t have alternative transportation options. SHARE Mobility riders can save over $5,000 per year by choosing to share rides to work vs driving alone. Another reason to have commuter benefits is because ride sharing reduces environmental impact.

How does the SHARE technology work?

SHARE's software connects riders with shared routes and manages the supply and demand of professional vehicles and drivers. Our technology includes an operating system and web based platform for riders and drivers. When riders request a trip, we use historic and predictive data about traffic and weather to create routes that serve more people with fewer vehicles. SHARE Mobility’s connected vehicle technology monitors driver safety. 

How is SHARE different than Uber and Lyft?

SHARE is completely different than Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft are TNC's that allow independent drivers to offer rides on-demand. SHARE Mobility uses professional drivers that are W2 employees. This allows us to eliminate no shows, standardize training, offer rides in rural locations, and to be reliably available for third shifts. We have a fleet of connected vehicles that are equipped with dash-cams and telematics to track driver safety. Typically, you ride with your co-workers or others that work near-by. Rides are always shared which helps to reduce the cost of transportation per rider by 75%. 

How is SHARE different from public transportation?

SHARE Mobility can expand service areas around public transportation and increase access to fixed routes. We also have on demand booking services.  SHARE is an alternative to public transportation when transit is not available. In select markets, SHARE integrates with the public transit lines to add first and last mile service. For employers that are outside of transit service, SHARE Mobility is a benefit to employees that need transportation to work.

What if the rider does not have a smartphone? 

We don't assume everyone has a smartphone. If you have access to the internet you can book a ride with SHARE Mobility through our website. We designed the platform to be available to anyone and we offer phone, email, and live chat support to help with scheduling. If an employer has a large group of employees that need to schedule rides, the SHARE Portal is available for managers to schedule rides for others. 

What if the rider does not speak English?

Our app is currently available in 9 languages and we partner with nonprofits and immagration networks to make sure Share Mobility is accessible to everyone. 

What if I need to cancel a ride?

Rides can be canceled at any time with the SHARE Mobility platform.  Cancel at least 12 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee. By canceling rides, you help other riders by shortening their travel time and opening up seats for someone else. 

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