Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is SHARE Mobility and how does it work?

SHARE Mobility is a customizable commuter benefits platform that provides a turnkey solution for companies looking to improve recruitment, employee retention, and productivity. Our platform uses proprietary routing software and a trusted network of fleet operators to provide reliable and efficient transportation options for employees. Our programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of your company, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses looking to enhance their benefits offering. With SHARE Mobility, companies can provide employees with an eco-friendly and convenient commuting option that helps to improve morale and increase productivity.

How much does SHARE Mobility Cost?

The cost of SHARE Mobility will vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of each company. Factors such as the size of the vehicles needed, the number of employees using the service, and the frequency of transportation required are all factors when determining the cost of the program. In order to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of SHARE Mobility for your company, it’s best to schedule a demo or to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Why would an employer want to offer commuter benefits?

Offering commuter benefits to employees can be a key factor in solving recruitment and retention challenges, as it helps attract top talent and improve employee satisfaction. By providing alternative transportation options, employers can also help reduce parking costs and minimize their environmental impact. In addition, providing access to reliable transportation can help increase employee productivity by reducing stress and tardiness caused by transportation issues. By investing in a commuter benefits program, employers can have a positive impact on their employees and the environment, while also benefiting their bottom line.

Why would an employee want commuter benefits?

Employees want commuter benefits for several reasons:

To save money on transportation costs, which can be a significant expense.

To reduce stress and hassle associated with daily commutes.

To have more reliable and consistent transportation options, which can improve their overall quality of life.

To have a more eco-friendly and sustainable commuting option, which can align with their personal values.

To have access to flexible commuting options, which can improve work-life balance.

Overall, offering commuter benefits can also help employers attract and retain top talent, as well as improve employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity.

What type of transportation options are available through SHARE Mobility?

SHARE Mobility programs utilize vehicles of varying sizes to meet the specific needs of an organization and its employees. SHARE works with a trusted network of fleet operators to provide a range of transportation options, ranging from 14-passenger vans to full-sized charter buses. This ensures that the company has access to the right size vehicle for their commuting needs, ensuring efficient and convenient transportation for employees.

How does someone schedule a ride with SHARE Mobility?

To schedule a ride with SHARE Mobility, employees can use our web-based scheduling application. This platform allows employees to easily and conveniently schedule their rides from a computer or mobile device. The scheduling application is user-friendly and allows employees to view available pickup locations, select the one that best suits their needs, and confirm their reservation with a few simple clicks.

What if the rider does not have a smartphone? 

If a rider does not have a smartphone, they can still access and use SHARE Mobility's services through the web-based scheduling application. This application can be accessed on any internet-connected device, such as a desktop computer or tablet. Riders can also call the dispatch center to schedule rides. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist them in making transportation arrangements. This makes it easy for riders without smartphones to still participate in the program and take full advantage of the benefits offered by SHARE Mobility.

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