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A transportation mix and match toolkit

SHARE Mobility offers software and solutions designed to transform the way we commute. With our customizable and user-friendly platform, dedicated account managers, and professionally managed fleet network, we provide all the tools you need to launch and manage your program.

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SHARE Mobility all features

Optimize and analyze commuting needs

Build your transportation program using data-driven insights and our planning tools. With our commuter analysis tool, you can gain valuable insights into your rider distribution, travel times, commuting preferences, and more.

SHARE Mobility optimize and analyze

Dispatch made easy

Our dispatch management tool within the SHARE Mobility platform is a powerful feature that lets you efficiently manage your transportation programs and operations. The dispatch tool provides real-time vehicle tracking and automated rider booking, allowing you to monitor live when you need or let it run automatically in the background while you take care of your other work.

SHARE Mobility dispatch

Easy booking and ticketing

Experience quick and easy ride booking and ticketing tools. Our web-based platform lets you or your riders schedule, book, and modify all on your own. Your riders can book rides and schedule in advance, anytime, anywhere.

SHARE Mobility rider app

Learn and improve with key insights

Gain a comprehensive view of your transportation system. Trip summaries, route performance, rider feedback and utilization analytics will help you understand the full impact and efficiency of the program.

SHARE Mobility KPIs

Unlock flexible transportation

Access all the tools you need to manage your program in one place. Dispatch management, route planning, booking and ticketing, commute analysis and more. Letting you embrace both flexibility and control.

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SHARE Mobility route roster
Save time with SHARE Mobility

Save time by doing less with more

Managing every part of a transportation system independently can be a time-suck. With planned routes, access to a fleet network of the exact vehicle you need, and account managers on standby you can offer and run your program with ease. Letting you focus on other high impact projects.

Smart transportation made for everyone

Our web-based platform can be accessed on any connected device, giving full access to riders with and without a smartphone. Supported in 11 languages. 24/7 booking and software support.

SHARE Mobility boarding pass
SHARE Mobility time and schedule

Rides on time, whenever that needs to be

Custom routes let you build private and community plans based on exactly what the rider needs. Whether it's getting to work a few minutes early to catch up with co-workers, or running errands across town - we'll plan it just right.

Streamlined Transportation Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency with SHARE Mobility

Our platform and services give you access to the tools you need to launch or manage parts of, or all of your program. Customizable transportation solutions, a user-friendly software platform, dedicated account managers, and access to a professionally managed fleet network all in one place.

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Steering wheel

Self-reservation for riders

Riders can book and manage their own rides either online or over the phone. Routes are automatically booked and ticketed for you.

Fixed route

Optimized routing

Auto routing saves time and builds efficient routes that save on miles and time.

Road icon

Easy and flexible

Add, analyze, and modify routes and vehicle options as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to plan routes and schedules?


A dedicated account manager will work with you to scope, plan, and launch your program. Whether you use the route and program management software, or also need services with drivers and options for vehicle sizes, we're here to help. For route planning, we offer mobility analytics tools to optimize for expected riders. For employers and municipalities, we can create custom and optimized routes.

Where does SHARE Mobility offer both services and software?


The SHARE routing and program software can be used anywhere. Our services network covers the continental United States, giving you access to vehicle options coast to coast on the lower 48.

How much will I have to manage?


You'll have a dedicated account manager that will set up, optimize, and monitor your account for ongoing success. They're also there to help with any questions you have on the platform, where you can access activity and trend reports, adjust routes or scheduling, and manage eligible riders.

Do I have to find my own vehicles and drivers?


For customers that need services in addition to the platform, we work directly with operators to get you a professionally trained W-2 Driver. No need to worry about finding an operator, managing additonal contracts, or additional insurance.

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