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Mobilizing a top manufacturing company

The Company is a large home improvement company based in Louisville, Kentucky that was struggling to find hourly workers. Their hiring pool mostly consisted of people without access to transportation. Due to its rural location and late shift schedule, The Company could not fill open positions or retain its employees, and as a result suffered from a significant decrease in revenue and profits. Enter SHARE Mobility: Transportation as a job benefit.

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Louisville, KY

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December 2021

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Storage & Home Improvement


To improve productivity and increase revenue and profits, The Company’s goals were to increase job retention and daily attendance. To meet these goals, equitable access to transportation for employees was key.

Pain Points

Suffering from an annual 100% employee turnover rate. With over 30 consistently open positions, each position was costing the company ~$12K per month and $145K per year in missed productivity.

Making mobility dependable

Because of SHARE Mobility, The Company's employees no longer had to rely on undependable carpools, often unavailable ride-sharing, and limited public transit options simply to get to work. The Company’s HR Department no longer had to limit their candidates to those with a driver’s license, or a car, or access to convenient public transit stops. SHARE Mobility’s platform analyzed anonymized employee addresses, locations, and travel times. The platform’s Commuter Analysis highlighted the geographic areas that should be a priority for talent recruitment. The platform contained all the dynamic routes, vehicles, drivers, and central pickup locations for employees to ride to work together. The web-based ride request application ensured that every user was able to book 6 months of rides based on their shift information within 30 seconds with its user-friendly interface available in multiple languages, all while ensuring employees could request a ride and get to work on time. Ongoing data sharing and dynamic route design between SHARE Mobility and The Company have led to a successful, continued partnership.


Gained in productivity


increase in employee retention

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5-month partnership with Share Mobility

  • 62% increase in employee retention for those utilizing the service
  • 20% employee adoption rate
  • 95% of vehicle seat utilization
  • Lack of transportation eliminated as a barrier in hiring process
  • Work culture strengthened due to transportation as a job benefit
  • Wider talent pool for potential employees (immigrants, refugees, long commutes)

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Mobilizing a top manufacturing company

SHARE Mobility Increased Employee Retention by 62% for this manufacturer based in Louisville, KY.

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Transforming Community Mobility

In Chillicothe, Ohio, SHARE Mobility expanded transit services, including a trolley, increasing ridership from 1% to 4%.

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