Not all transportation is designed just for cities with skyscrapers

Empowering tools and services to easily manage, understand, and optimize transportation programs

SHARE outside of major metros

of frontline workers don't have access to a car for a work commute


of the U.S. workforce has quit a job because of a bad commute


can be saved annually by SHARE Mobility riders


job fulfillment rates with expanded commuter benefits

Quick program data at your fingertips

Whether you're planning a new route and using our commuter analysis tools or need easy weekly reports on current routes, easily access program analytics right from the SHARE platform. Less time is needed synthesizing data and insights, and more free time for the rest of your day.

SHARE Insights Hub

Dedicated Account Managers & Launch Planning Teams

Avoid the heavy lifting and launch planning, we've done it a few times. Your dedicated account manager will help scope, plan, launch, and optimize new programs with you.

SHARE Mobility dedicated account manager

Comprehensive planning to save time, reduce risk

Streamline programs that save valuable time while reducing risk.  All in one platform means you won't need to manage multiple contracts for one program, including insurance. Customize your program for accessibility for your ridership. Our fleet network includes Accessible Transportation options. Simplifying operations and freeing up time.

SHARE Mobility route summary

A national network of fleet operators at your fingertips

For organizations and municipalities that need full-service solutions, our software platforms can connect you to a national network of fleet operators.

SHARE Mobility national fleet network

Empowering job-seekers through community partnerships

SHARE Mobility works with a network of non-profit partners that connect job-seekers facing transportation related barriers with employers who offer SHARE Mobility services. Our community impact partners support establishing new Americans with refugee status, justice involved workers and other community support programs.

SHARE Mobility community hiring
for the workforce & community

Software and solutions designed with you in mind

HR Managers

Recruit and retain with enhanced benefits, improving employer branding. Easily measure program impact with facility productivity increases while eliminating transportation stressors that lead to employee churn.

Facility & Warehouse Managers

Offer commute benefits to attract and retain the team members needed to maximize each site. Expanding benefits can both improve employer attractiveness and generate ROI.

Sustainability & Impact Leaders

Reduce the impact of the workforce's carbon footprint with shared commute programs. Measure CO2 saved and on-road miles reduced through an employee benefit, increasing employer satisfaction, decreasing parking congestion, and moving towards sustainability at the same time.

Municipal Mobility Managers

Streamline route planning, vehicles, and manage of riders all from a single platform. Our comprehensive solution enables enhanced operational efficiency, making it easier to manage local routes or launch custom routes for seniors and work-commutes. By leveraging our platform, mobility managers can save valuable time and focus on other important tasks.

Discover the Impact of SHARE Mobility

Develop business and community impact, all in one place.

Improve Employer Branding

Transportation options for work expand employee benefits allowing organizations to empower and attract new team members with benefits that matter. Be a standout place to work with benefits that allow team members to avoid major transportation costs only for getting to and from work.

Benefits package

Attract job-seekers

Organizations that offer transportation benefits through SHARE Mobility hire 4 times faster. Job seekers are looking for reduced stress getting to work, and opportunities to save on commuting costs.

Attract employees 4x faster

Improve Health and Safety

Reduced risks of accident for the work commute, professional trained drivers in the operator network, and reduced stress of the commute. Employers can actionably demonstrate commitment to the well-being of their workforce.

Health and safety

Remove commute barriers

Commuters can save up to $5,000 a year in transportation costs, including gas and maintenance on a personal vehicle. Equipping workforces with the ability to get to and from work efficiently without an additional dedicated personal vehicle can offset big ticket costs.

Save gas and maintenance

Carbon and Sustainability Goals

Shared transportation programs for one or multiple orgs can help achieve CO2 and sustainability goals by eliminating the number of cars on the road heading to work. A unique impact like no other employee benefit.

Co2 savings

Customized routes with access to both the platform and fleet network

Share Mobility Van

A fleet network to grow with

Our national network of fleet providers means you can access the right vehicle size or sizes for your program. From employee commute services to last-mile connection service and a growing number of routes, you can access it with SHARE.

SHARE Mobility route management

Route & Program Management Software

Access to the SHARE platform means you can build, add, and remove routes as needed. Whether it's changes in seasonal hiring or changes in community ridership, you can adapt on the go.

Mobility accesibility

Transportation for everyone

With a range of accessibility options like wheelchair accessible vehicles in the fleet network, offline and online booking, and multilingual support you can equip and accommodate your riders whether they need to get to work, run errands, or simply take a joy ride.

Solution-based Packages

Route & Program Management Software

Access the SHARE platform to add riders, download reports, and modify routes.

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Commuter analysis tools

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Custom route building tool

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Automated reporting

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Rider booking and ticketing features

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Carbon savings tracking

Multi-Org Shared Workrides

Join a network of neighboring businesses to provide shared rides to work or provide a last mile connection from a public transportation hub to a business or industrial park.

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Multiple organizations, shared private routing

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Shared program costs

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The full suite of tools in our Route and Program management software

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Dedicated account manager to plan and execute program launch

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Last-mile connection options for nearby public transit hubs

Improve commute safety

Live route tracking, assigned ticketing features, and w-2 professionally trained drivers all to provide secure, safe transportation options for workforces and communities.

SHARE Mobility safety features
Seasonal demand feature

Seasonal demand planning

Periods of retention challenges and hiring lags happen, but with SHARE Mobility employers and municipalities seeking to develop economic opportunity can both prepare for, plan, and scale around seasonal demand. Scale up during peaks, and while down utilize SHARE's commuter analytics and dedicated program advisors to optimize for your next growth period.

Mix and Match Solutions

Gain access to all the tools you need to manage your program in one place. Whether you need a full service solution or only route management software, you can access it all through the SHARE platform and your account manager.

SHARE Mobility branded app
AICPA SOC 2 Compliant Logo

SOC 2 Data Secure 

SOC 2 compliance acts as a digital fortress, safeguarding your valuable data from potential threats. It sets strict standards for service providers, ensuring they keep your information under lock and key, providing you with peace of mind regarding data security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to plan routes and schedules?


A dedicated account manager will work with you to scope, plan, and launch your program. Whether you use the route and program management software, or also need services with drivers and options for vehicle sizes, we're here to help. For route planning, we offer mobility analytics tools to optimize for expected riders. For employers and municipalities, we can create custom and optimized routes.

Where does SHARE Mobility offer both services and software?


The SHARE routing and program software can be used anywhere. Our services network covers the continental United States, giving you access to vehicle options coast to coast on the lower 48.

How much will I have to manage?


You'll have a dedicated account manager that will set up, optimize, and monitor your account for ongoing success. They're also there to help with any questions you have on the platform, where you can access activity and trend reports, adjust routes or scheduling, and manage eligible riders.

Do I have to find my own vehicles and drivers?


For customers that need services in addition to the platform, we work directly with operators to get you a professionally trained W-2 Driver. No need to worry about finding an operator, managing additonal contracts, or additional insurance.

Will my company’s information be safe with SHARE Mobility?


Absolutely! SHARE Mobility prioritizes the security of your data and is SOC 2 compliant. We implement strict measures to keep your information safe and protected. You can trust us to maintain the highest level of data security and provide a secure transportation solution for your business. Your valuable data is in safe hands with SHARE Mobility.

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Transforming Community Mobility

In Chillicothe, Ohio, SHARE Mobility expanded transit services, including a trolley, increasing ridership from 1% to 4%.

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Rural food producer fills 92 jobs

After launching its first commuter benefits program, this food production company yielded major success in just three months.

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